Taco Bell’s new Quesalupa was teased late last year at an investor’s meeting. Brand Eating reports that the fast-food creation is a super-cheesy version of the Chalupa.

“Rather than melted cheese sandwiched between a Chalupa shell and grilled flour tortilla like I had earlier speculated, each Quesalupa comes with a Chalupa shell that is stuffed with melted Pepper Jack cheese! The cheese looks to be baked into the shell’s interior and fried onsite,” writes Brand Eating.

America sure loves it some cheese (fun fact: since 1970, cheese consumption and availability has tripled), so it’s no surprise the U.S. is itching to try the Quesalupa.


But Taco Bell is leaving it up to Toledo—the fourth most populous city in Ohio after Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati—to determine the fate of the Quesalupa. The company Tweeted, Toledo has the Quesalupa. If they don’t like it, America won’t get it. Tweet w/ #Quesalupa if u want it in your town.”

As expected, Twitter is dishing out those Quesalupa hashtags. Looks like Taco Bell’s social media team has done it again.