We’ve shown you how to dine out like Jay and Bey. We’ve exposed the restaurant preferences of Kim and Ye. And we’ve explored the influence of Funkmaster Flex’s #foodporn obsession. But when it comes to a comprehensive plan for eating—from healthful everyday habits, to snacking, to celebratory feasting—we must look to DJ Khaled, whose Instagram feed and general lust for life is unrivaled.

As we learned when “Hold You Down” became the #1 urban record in the country, the hit-maker exists in a realm that most of us can only dream of. But if we just follow a few golden rules, we can get one step closer to his all-Ws lifestyle. Here’s how eat like DJ Khaled:

Staying Healthy

In order to achieve the #WeTheBest lifestyle, you’ve got to be disciplined. That means a ensuring a healthy start to the day, hitting the #40DayReset button from time to time, and sometimes eating fruit.

Never skip breakfast

Related: Real bosses eat breakfast in their robes.

#HOLDYOUDOWN #1 record in the country !! @wethebestmusic #ICHANGEDALOT ….ALOT!!! Lets celebrate!!! #wtb!!!

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Be smart. Be loyal. Eat egg whites.

“When you’re #1, food tastes different.” It’s science.

Follow the gospel of Angie Martinez.

She has aged wonderfully, hasn’t she?

In book stores now @angiemartinez bless up!

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To be most effective, cleanses should be named after yourself.

Shout out to the “Khaled Reset.” #ICHANGEDALOT

Water aerobics are the best way to stay trim.

But don’t forget to hit the weight room too.


Encourage good habits in others (and make them share their watermelon).

“You smart. You a genius.”

Be smart

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Stay juicin’.

Pro tip: Haitian juices are the best.

Eating out.

As an entertainer and boss, it’s important to be seen in public enjoying the good life. Like Henry VIII probably said, “Your feasts define you.”

The best way to build with fam is to feast with fam.

Make sure there is sufficient space between you and the next man on the banquette so that people know you can afford to not eat in cramped quarters.

A few good men

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Give lots of toasts.

Punctuate them with exclamations of “we the best!” whenever possible.

Eat shirtless when dining with other legends.

It’s more real that way.

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Take date night seriously.

Only the Blackberry can stay on the table, for emergency business. No iPhone.

Happy bday baby I love you ….. You very smart! U a genius !!! Bless up! God bless u! #wethebest

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Use cakes for branding.

Everyone loves cake. Everyone loves you. You the best.


When all you do is win, win, win no matter what, there’s a lot of cause for celebration. What’s the point of a #40DayReset if you can’t enjoy some cheat days? Here’s how it’s done:

Drink a lot of champagne…

Or at least, drink a little champagne out of HUGE bottles.

Black bottle DON ! @wethebestmusic @wethebestsound @headsaudio …

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…especially in the pool.

File under: “How to snorkel like a boss.”

Butt cracks are the best bottle racks.


After-dinner drinks are for self-reflection.

Clear the mansion, light a fire, and plot your next move. #USmart


If you follow the guidelines above, you’ll look like feel like Khaled in no time. But if you want to take your game to the next level, there are a few more rules to follow:

Don’t be afraid to eat alone.

Seamless night is the best. #BlessUp


Match your snacks to your sneakers.

This will discourage snacking, since it’s harder than you think.


Show love to the chef.

When you put 45 people on one rap song, you know that #CrewLove extends to the kitchen as well.


Only eat big fish.

It’s a metaphor, dummy.

Always order pizza on the money phone.

That way they can’t do you like they did Iggy.

On a conf call wit all the top club owners and promoters .. @wethebestmusic @wethebestsound

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