The New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the 49th edition of the Super Bowl tonight, 28-24. The game was cool, but it’s no secret that the portion of the event that actually mattered was the world-champion level of nacho/wing/beer consumption that you exhibited.

It’s also no secret that some friends are absolutely horrible cooks, whipping up trash dishes quicker than a Katy Perry wardrobe change. In fact, the culinary monstrosities of Thanksgiving are rivaled only by Super Bowl Sunday—think 7-layer dips that look like one of the layers is the remains of the kid from the Nationwide ad, and a lot of misguided attempts to make food look like footballs.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but we’re throwing numerous penalty flags on these #StrugglePlate concoctions.

Guac Or Potato Salad?

You decide. We think it’s guacamole, but pass that dip a water bottle because it looks dehydrated af.

When That Baked Football Doesn’t Pan Out The Way You Thought It Would

Nice try, Trent and Jesse’s mom.

Trash Bags Apparently Work For Holding Buffalo Chicken Dip

Especially when it is destined for the dump.

Meatball Sub with a Side of…

Raw egg? FOH.

Hot Dog Bun Substitutes

While we see the reasoning with incorporating a corn tortilla, it just seems like this never should have happened. Not on this day.

Yes, You Can F*ck Up Pizza

This is the pizza equivalent of that guy on your company’s flag football team who tries way too hard.

This Is Not Food.

It is a butthole.

“Hey, Bro, I Made Wraps For The Game!”

“Got that buffalo chicken-sushi game on fleek.” Don’t be surprised if next year’s Paperless Post invite gets lost in the ether.

Mashed Potatoes Can Be Icing, Too

And chicken nuggets can be cupcake toppings—if you’re kitchen is the epicenter of struggle, that is.

The #StrugglePlate Paragon

We feel for @KupKayk89 because no Super Bowl Sunday should ever be spent nibbling on Lunchables.

Gluten-free Super Bowl
No surprise that this is the worst.

#StrugglePlates Can Happen On The Field, Too.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Skittles in a Tupperware container? For shame, Marshawn.