Sorry to crush the dreams of little kids everywhere who aspire to be astronauts: Space burgers are gross.

NASA X tweeted a photo of astronaut Terry Virts’ “cheeseburger” on Tuesday. Virts is currently aboard the International Space Station. We’re not the burger police or anything, but a tortilla filled with a strange meat-like product covered in cheese paste and red goop is not a cheeseburger—but it sure is scary.

Virts Tweeted out the original cheeseburger pic on February 19. According to Mashable and Virts’ recent Twitter activity, he lived after consuming the taco-wrapped patty.

We know what you’re wondering: Why swap the bun for a tortilla?

Bread causes a huge problem for astronauts: crumbs. Those little suckers get everywhereIn space, crumbs getting into your equipment is not just annoying; it’s potentially dangerous.

Enter Mexican scientist Rodolfo Neri Vela. Latino Magazine reports that in 1985, he requested tortillas for his mission—and inadvertently changed the way NASA astronauts eat their food forever.

Check out this awesome First We Feast superfan-illustrated comic about tortillas in space to learn more.