We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday. To help you keep up with all the new hypebeast snacks on the scene, we’ll be doing a weekly roundup of ridiculous mashup foods you need to know about right now, and ranking them on staying power. Read on!

Babka + Doughnut = Doughka

Banana- pecan sticky bun meets babka with our doughnut dough! #doughdoughnuts #donuts (available veeery soon)

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The mashup: Last week we alerted you to Fany Gerson’s (Dough, La Newyorkina) latest droolworthy kitchen experiments, and it looks like this hybrid is the first to make the leap from Instagram eye candy to in-store purchase. Grub Street reports that a Mexican chocolate babka made from doughnut pastry is now available at Dough in Manhattan. Sticky banana and lemon olive oil flavors will be added next weekend.

Staying power: High. The $10 loaves are available in small quantities after 12pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. High costs and limited availability are two surefire ways to breed desire in New Yorkers. Prepare for the sweet-toothed Insta-bragging to begin at noon.

Waffle + Foie Gras + Ham + Egg + Beef = WTF waffle

The mashup: Okay, this isn’t really a mashup (unless you want to think of it as a combination of a waffle and the proverbial Kitchen Sink), but it can raise eyebrows with the best of them. The OTT dish at Palladino’s in Philadelphia consists of ham, a fried egg, braised beef cheek, foie gras, and a maple-mustard glaze. We like the think the naming process went something like this—Person 1: Why would you put all that on a waffle? Person 2: WTF not?

Staying power: Low. Eater reports that the dish is being served during Palladino’s post-Valentine’s Day brunch on February 14, because nothing says I love you like a $19 waffle. However since the Italian steakhouse isn’t offering a regular brunch service until spring, it’s unlikely the WTF waffle will be confusing palates after the Hallmark holiday.

Quesadilla + Chalupa = Quesalupa

The mashup: Taco Bell is currently testing this Frankenfood in Toledo, OH, where the Doritos Locos Taco was tested back in the day. For the next month Toledans can have their crispy, fried chalupas wrapped in a flour tortilla; the two are glued together with melted Monterey pepperjack, kind of like the taco version of like a cheese stuffed pizza crust. Like a gladiator, whether it lives or dies will be decided by which direction the crowd’s thumbs face.

Staying power: Medium. This one’s hard to call, especially since most of the reviews we’ve seen are sponsored (even this jokes Daym Drops one). But this is America, where more cheese is always better, so we’re predicting that after Taco Bell is done with this social media hype campaign it’s gonna roll the quesalupa out nationwide.