A couple weeks ago, we watched in amazement as this guy cooked an impossibly tiny breakfast in his teeny kitchen, using a single quail egg to make scrambled eggs for two. At the time, we prayed that an entire series devoted to cooking miniature foods would exist. It turns out that Miniature Space is exactly the YouTube channel we were looking for.

From a miniature charcoal grill for yakitori to a miniature tagine, Miniature Space has a tiny kitchen that’s better outfitted than many actual-sized home kitchens. You can probably keep yourself entertained for hours scrolling back through the MS YouTube channel, but here are a few of our favorite miniature cooking videos to start off with.

Mini Food Curry

Most people who make Japanese-style curry usually use a pre-made curry roux from the grocery store. It’s such a popular thing that there are entire aisles devoted to different curry brands in Japanese grocery stores. Since this is a mini-curry, obviously you wouldn’t want to use an entire block of curry roux, so it had to be cut down to size.

If you ever wanted to try making your own J-curry from scratch (regular or mini-sized), Just Hungry has a good recipe here.

Mini Yakitori

Three words: miniature charcoal grilling. This one looked so amazing, we swore we could smell it through the monitor.

Mini Pancakes

On the one hand, it’s a tiny stove, so flipping those hot cakes is going to be more difficult. On the other, we’ve seen people have problems flipping full-sized pancakes, too. We’d still eat them. Also, we can’t get over that miniature milk jug.

Mini French Fries

We don’t know if the Great McDonald’s Japan French Fry Shortage of 2014 was a factor here, but MS went to the trouble of making their own mini wedge-style French fries. Potay-to, potah-to.

[via Facebook/Milk Magazine]