KFC has already made headlines this week with KFC Korea’s Fire Double Down—but that’s not enough for the world-famous chicken chain. In Japan, the KFC empire is launching flavor missiles heard ’round the world with its very first beef-based hamburger, the “Bistro Hamburg.”

Is it any good? The chicken chain roped Shuzo Kishida, chef-owner of Quintessence—a three Michelin-star winning restaurant in Tokyo from 2008 to 2011—into approving the taste in the ad spot below.

We know it’s a commercial, and Kishida was paid to participate, but KFC seems pretty confident about the new upscale approach they’re trying with their 30% pork, 70% beef patty covered in a mushroom demi-glace and served on a burger bun.

An a la carte Bistro Hamburg will set you back ¥490 ($4.11 US), or you can grab a combo meal that comes with coleslaw and your beverage of choice for just ¥770 ($6.46) according to Burger Business.

As BB points out, KFC has long referred to its chicken sandwiches as burgers in other parts of the world, including Australia and the UK. For example, a current KFC Australia menu item is the Kentucky Burger, which features an Original Recipe filet topped with coleslaw, crispy onions, two cheese slices, bacon, and a smoky BBQ sauce.

kfc australia kentucky burger

Photo: KFC Australia

Similarly, at KFC UK, those aren’t chicken sandwiches; they’re all “burgers,” all the time. It’s worth noting that poultry masquerading as patties like this is probably why UK English takes the time to call beef ones “beef burgers.”

kfc uk burgers

Photo: KFC UK

There’s no denying that chicken in sandwich form is generally easier to eat on the go than a bucket of drumsticks and thighs. But “sandwich” doesn’t have any more syllables than “burger,” and is definitely no harder to say. We have to wonder, why add the extra confusion?

In any case, this is the very first time that KFC has launched any kind of beef-based burger patty anywhere in the world. BB notes that KFC doesn’t currently offer any kind of sandwiches (chicken or otherwise) on its U.S. menu except for the Doublicious and the Chicken Littles.

kfc us doublicious chicken littles

Photo: KFC U.S.

What’s stopping them from bringing some of these creative sandwich creations stateside? No clue. If White Castle can successfully launch Chicken Rings, why can’t KFC successfully launch a beef burger? We’re also sure that Fire Double Down would sell here like actual hotcakes. Hopefully KFC U.S. is listening.

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