We’re living in a world of crazy-cool food science and technology; a world where grapes that taste like cotton candy and apples that taste like grapes exist.

The latest in food-that-tastes-like-other-food: eggs from Japan that smell and taste like yuzu, one of Japan’s most delicious citrus fruits.

The scent is all natural. At Yamasaki Farms, where the eggs were developed, the chicken feed contains yuzu peels or zest. The yuzu peel then imparts its aroma, as well as some of its flavor, to the eggs the birds produce. A pack of six goes for 494 yen (US $4.20).


RocketNews24 recently picked up a pack of yuzu tama (short for “yuzu tamago” or “yuzu eggs”), and taste tested the egg by mixing it raw with rice. This dish is called tamago-kake gohan, and it’s one of the simplest dishes in Japanese cuisine.

About the experience of cracking the egg, RocketNews24 writes,

Finding an egg with a good smell is like discovering a brand of shampoo that plays your favorite song as you wash your hair: Entirely unexpected and unmistakably cool.

So, what’s up with the taste? RocketNews24 Japanese language correspondent Meg says,

Oh, wow! The yolk has a mellow flavor, and the white has a great texture, not too soft and not too firm. And when you chew, there’s this invigorating wave of yuzu aroma coupled with a refreshing citrus taste that spreads through your mouth. I’ve never had an egg like this before!


Meg later comments it’s “the best egg egg she’s ever eaten.” She says there’s no acidic taste to the egg, but instead, “the citrus aroma helps to draw out the egg’s inherent rich sweetness.”

Does the citrus-scented egg stand up to frying? “The yuzu tama also fry up just fine, while still retaining all of their special scent and flavor,” reports RocketNews24.


How can you get your hands on these eggs if you live in Japan?

In Tokyo, they’re available at Marugoto Kochi, a shop in the Ginza neighborhood that’s stocked with all sorts of treats from Kochi prefecture, where the eggs are produced.

[via RocketNews24]