The breastaurant industry is booming. Chains like Titled Kilt and Twin Peaks are pulling in record profits, while an O.G. boobs-and-beer institution, Hooters, now sees professional basketball teams as its competition.

Everyone wants in—even, it appears, a small San Antonio, TX spot called Milo’s Restaurant, which just became the saddest breastaurant in all the land. San Antonio Express-News’ Tyler White and Mark D. Wilson have pulled back the curtain to reveal the lugubrious-looking outpost on the city’s west side:

“It’s different,” said owner Milo Linan. “It’s sexy.”

The all-female wait staff takes and serves orders wearing little more than lace lingerie, short shorts, mini-skirts and swimwear.

Linan, 35, set up shop two months ago and said there isn’t an official dress code yet, but workers may get uniforms coming at a later date.

While the idea’s no different than what Hooter’s has been doing since 1983—parade female servers in skimpy outfits to the (mainly male) patrons’ delight—Linan’s establishment does differ in one key aspect: Never has the breastaurant model been applied to what appears to be a former roadside diner.

Just look at the pictures below. Even owner Linan (who’s a woman) dresses the part.

Photo: Milo's Restaurant/Facebook

Photo: Milo's Restaurant/Facebook

Photo: Milo's Restaurant/Facebook

Photo: Milo's Restaurant/Facebook

All photos: Milo’s Restaurant/Facebook

Milo’s is a Mexican restaurant, and serves customer favorites like pork chops, asada a la Mexicana, flautas, and breakfast tacos.

So what are the patrons saying on Facebook about their experiences?

Milo's Reviews
But, as we all know, #GottaHearBothSides:

Milo's Review 2
We dig the breakfast taco part. The under-dressed female servers? Seems a tad superfluous. But hey, if the model works, then all the power in the world to Linan.

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