The 2015 Grammy Awards haven’t even started yet, but there’s already controversy tonight—though it has nothing to do with music.

Iggy Azelea—the Aussie hip-hop star who likes to dress up as food—took to Twitter to rail against delivery drivers from her former favorite pizza chain, Papa John’s, for allegedly giving out her personal phone number:

A few things:

  1. Amazing that Iggy Azelea orders her own pizza, by phone no less.
  2. Hilarious that she attempted to create an electronic criminal line-up situation with Papa John’s management.
  3. Real talk: How many eggplant emojis do you think these “family members” sent her to ignite this rage?

Soon after the rant, it was back to business:

Iggy really did love Papa John’s, as she explained previously:

[pullquote]I eat [Papa John’s] like five times a week. No joking. It doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. Like, Domino’s tries to be fancy [with] herbs on top — it wants to do too much. It’s trying to trick you into thinking it’s something that it’s not. I’m not ordering pizza for that. If I want fucking gourmet pizza, there are places to get it. I order Papa John’s because I want shit pizza and I want it to be really doughy and I want a fuck-ton of cheese. I want complete shit. Papa John’s is fine being that for me.[/pullquote]

Papa John’s probably won’t be thrilled with this publicity, but at least the chain still has an even more famous white girl riding for it.