On Saturday, Guy Fieri joined more than two dozen same-sex couples in holy matrimony at a free mass wedding in Miami. #101GayWeddings was hosted by chef and author Art Smith to celebrate the recent lifting of Florida’s ban on same sex marriage, reports the AP. The theme was a play on 101 Dalmatians, said Smith, who compared Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to Cruella De Vil for trying to prevent marriage equality.

Fieri wasn’t the only Food Network notable in attendance. Ted Allen was there as a guest, and Ace of Cakes’ Duff Goldman made the wedding cake.


Looking surprisingly demure and appropriate in a dark purple suit, Fieri “officiated the ceremony in honor of his late sister who was a lesbian,” reports the AP.


This touching revelation is the latest positive boost for Frosty Tips’ public image. Recently, the internet flipped out over Drake namedropping El Flamo in his new album with the lyric “Fieri, I’m in the kitchen, I’m a magician.”

There was also that deleted scene from Franco-Rogen film The Interview, which showed that Fieri has a sense of humor about himself. In the scene, which is on the BluRay and DVD versions, Fieri serves falafel to fictional Palestinian and Israeli leadership and then proclaims:

Gentlemen, I think you have just found a little bit of common ground in a place we call Flavortown.

The turnaround is even more impressive when you consider the running joke Fieri became after his restaurant was eviscerated by Pete Wells’ New York Times review in 2012 and he was filmed in a punch-up with his hairdresser in 2013.

We hope you’re paying attention, Adam Richman.

[via Grub Street]