Imagine a culinary world where a single quail egg could make enough scrambled eggs for two.

Whether you think about it as a case of extreme portion control—or the obvious setup for the next amazing hamster chowdown video (after burritos, pizza, and Thanksgiving dinner)—this tiny kitchen video is extremely impressive.

Konapun is a Japanese line of miniature toy kitchens that actually work. Usually, any food you make with these toys would be fake, of the kind only suitable for serving to your stuffed animal friends. YouTube user AAAJoken posts a lot of toy reviews, and posted an entire series devoted to using Konapun kitchen sets to make the fake food items with which they’re packaged.

Then he decided to up his game and make real food in a tiny Konapun kitchen, with amazing results.

konapun breakfast

Look how calm this guy is as he’s making all this food. Even when we’re making full-sized food, we’re usually the complete opposite of calm. Meanwhile, this guy is super-relaxed, just stirring that tiny quail egg with a single chopstick, both in the measuring cup and over the fire. He doesn’t care. He’s a model of the kind of breakfast calm we wish we could rock in our everyday lives.

konapun breakfast egg

At the end, he makes two tiny mugs of milk tea to wash down this miniature breakfast feast.

konapun breakfast tea

After watching this, we can’t help but wish that there was a tiny food cooking show on YouTube. If you’re looking to launch your own YouTube cooking show, you can thank us for the idea later.

konapun breakfast complete

[via Laughing Squid]

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