Condé Nast has spent the last three months relocating its midtown offices to One World Trade Center, and everyone who doesn’t work there can’t seem to stop writing about it. We read about the politics of seating plans, how Bon Appétit set off the building’s fire alarms by burning sage, and now, how staffers are being encouraged to brag post about their new cafeteria on social media.

Even our caf has a social media strategy #CondeCafeteria

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To be fair, the #CondeCafeteria has traditionally been a big deal. The last one was designed by starchitect Frank Gehry and it “became central to Condé Nast’s identity,” says the New York Times. The new 35th floor canteen wasn’t designed by anyone famous, but according to Condé chief executive Charles Townsend, this time it’s all about the views.

Even if you come just for the views… #CondeCafeteria #nutandfruitbazaar

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The 1WTC cafe even has its own app and Instagram account, as does the cafeteria at rival magazine corporation Hearst (still in midtown). IMHO, @cafe1wtc would do well to take a few food-styling pointers from @cafe57hearst.

Chili & Chocolate Rubbed Steak. #februaryischocolatemonth #chocolatefestival #condecafeteria

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Gotta love a good kimchee. #bibimbap #condecafeteria

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It’s less than a month old but the #CondeCafeteria currently has just 79 followers, which is probably why there’s an active push from the company for staffers to follow and share. In preparation for an inundation of images of stuff we can’t eat, we’d like to remind Condé employees that we only care what you’re having for lunch if:

– you’re Anna Wintour or David Remnick,

– you work at Bon Appétit or Epicurious,

– the food looks amazing or laughably awful,

– Ke$ha is there.

Looks like @iiswhoiis is loving the #CondeCafeteria, too! Thanks for stopping by