Still high off the S’mores leak and Red Velvet drop, Oreo lovers are about to go wild: Instagram user cookie0man posted multiple photos of Cotton Candy Oreos last night.

#nabisco #Oreo #Oreos #cottoncandy #limitededition #fairtime

A photo posted by @cookie0man on

#nabisco #Oreo #Oreos #cottoncandy #limitededition #fairtime

A photo posted by @cookie0man on

Grub Street notes, “There is still nothing official from Nabisco, but cookie0man’s photos certainly look like they could have come from a company insider or a mole who’s gained access, because the feed is just snap after snap of the company’s latest products. The account holder also tagged the cotton candy posts with ‘#fairtime,’ which may be a clue about roll out.”

This is an all-too-familiar story: An image of a new Oreo flavor is leaked, everyone gets excited while questioning its authenticity, Oreo reps release vague statements like the one below (which the company sent to The Verge about the Red Velvet Oreo leak back in October). Then a few weeks or months later, Nabisco makes an official release about the flavor. The company makes sure to announce a launch date so Oreo fiends can line up like goddamn sneakerheads thirsting over the latest drop.


It’s a genius marketing tactic, one that Drake knows all too well. Get a leak of your product circulating online, and let the Internet whip itself into a frenzy.

Now, let’s take a brief look at the history of previous Oreo flavor leaks and what social media accounts they were posted from.

A few weeks back, a man named Michael C. Souza who works for the company that produces Oreos leaked this photo of the S’mores Oreo package on Twitter. Multiple sources have since reported that the S’mores Oreo is, in fact, a real thing, and the new variant is in its testing phase at the Nabisco lab.


Rumors about Red Velvet Oreos we’re circulating months before they hit store shelves. According to rumor-debunking website Snopes, a Facebook post from an account that had posted numerous things tied to Red Velvet Oreo marketing materials leaked the photo. There was also a picture of the Red Velvet Oreo tweeted on October 18 of last year, that was later deleted.

Looks like an Oreo insider is dropping Oreo flavor leaks for the world to thirst over, because everything is a conspiracy, and the Food Illuminati is real.

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