Everyone knows the biggest problem with presenting large sets of complex information is keeping people interested. That’s why so many important meetings happen over lunch, dinner, or even just hors d’oeuvres events. If people are engaged with food, the thinking goes, they might pay attention to the data as well.

datacuisine making horsdoeuvres

Enter #Datacuisine, a data-catering project that brilliantly presents its data as hors d’oeuvres. By thoughtfully designing delicious apps to share the data they’ve found, as well as offering an accompanying presentation while people are chowing down, the experience is completely immersive. Designed by cultural curator Susanne Jaschko and data guru Moritz Stefaner, the project is ongoing and the team can be hired for special events.

In this round, FastCoDesign reports that they recruited student designers to create the dishes for the Media in Cooperation and Transition Open Eye Awards, which honors journalistic achievements in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia and took place very recently.

datacuisine presentation

Stefaner told FastCoDesign

“MiCT knew about our work on data cuisine and approached us to develop a custom flying buffet catering for their annual event. As they work on supporting media developing projects in the Middle East, it was clear there would be lots of opportunity to work with interesting contents and develop unique dishes based on the cuisine from the different countries and issues of relevance.”

Here are the delicious dishes #Datacuisine served up.

Dip ‘n’ Plug

datacuisine dip n plug

By: Majid Albunni, Christine Liehr, and Marketa Hulpachova

The dish: Meatballs a la Mechoui with chilli sauce

The concept: Mobile phone vs. electricity access in Mali

Ejje with IS Cremes


datacuisine ejje with IS cremes

By: Majid Albunni, Christine Liehr, and Marketa Hulpachova

The dish: Orient-style omelette with three different cremes: mango-curry, mint yoghurt, and mayonnaise

The concept: Percentage of Arabic-language social media posts that express IS support

Zuckerberg Pops

datacuisine zuckerberg pops

By: Klaas Glenewinkel and Jess Smee

The dish: Cake pops with white chocolate, sesame, and sprinkles

The concept: How many people in Arab Spring countries use Facebook?

P2P (Potato to Public)

datacuisine p2p

By: Anja Wollenberg, Maral Jekta

The dish: Potato confit, potato espuma with bell peppers, parsley

The concept: Number of employees in state media

Halal Internet

datacuisine halal internet

By: Majid Albunni, Christine Liehr, and Marketa Hulpachova

The dish: Saffron risotto with barberry chutney and turmeric chicken

The concept: In Iran, half of the world’s top 500 websites are blocked. But 70% of young Internet users circumvent the barriers by using proxy servers.

Slow Cuban Hummus

datacuisine slow cuban hummus

By: Klaas Glenewinkel, Jess Smee, and Alexander Macbeth

The dish: Black bean hummus, puff pastry stick, tomato chutney

The concept: In Cuba, 1 kg of black beans costs $2 US. On average, 1 h of Internet access costs $4.50 US. Here, you are eating 37.5g of black beans, or the equivalent of 1 minute of Internet usage in Cuba.

Tweeting Tabouleh

datacuisine tabbouleh

By: Anja Wollenberg, Maral Jekta

The dish: Tabouleh salad with ayran panna cotta

The concept: Breakdown of tweets from countries in the Arab world. 51% of tweets come from Saudi Arabia alone, with 13% from Kuwait, 13% from Egypt, 12% from the UAE, and 2.5% from Lebanon.

[via FastCoDesign, Facebook/Media in Cooperation and Transition]

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