NYC pastry chef Dominique Ansel has teamed up with NYC-based jewelry designer Gabriel Urist on a limited-edition pendant capsule containing Cronut flakes cast in brass.

For $100 you can have the Cronut necklace plus two cherry-flavored Cronut pastries sent to you and your honey.


How can you get your hands on this very hypebeast-y #CronutIsForever gift set? Download the Virgin Mega app now, and get in line (the virtual line, that is) to buy the capsule and pastry set, which will go on sale at 3pm EST on Wednesday February 11. 

Fifty #CronutIsForever gift sets will be hand-delivered to those who live in New York City, while the other 50 will be overnighted to fans around the country (guaranteed delivery before or on Valentine’s Day).da

We should mention these aren’t just any Cronuts. To make the pastries Valentine-appropriate, Ansel covers them with cherry blossom ganache and citrus sugar, and fills them with sour cherry jam.

Ansel tells First We Feast, “We do a new flavor every month, and for February it always gets a little more sentimental and pink. I love the taste of Cherry Blossom—it’s subtle and floral, and a perfect match with the tartness and sharpness of sour Cherry.”


Jewelry designer Gabriel Urist (Photo:

About the design, Ursit says,

“I remember hearing that Chef Ansel wanted to give something to his fans that would last forever. When you eat a Cronut, the moment passes. So I created a brass Cronut flake in a glass vial. I didn’t want it to look too simple. I added some Cronut texture to the top cap and I made the whole thing smaller. All of a sudden, it became this sexy little thing.”