We love us some steamed buns, especially because dim sum just wouldn’t be the same without them. But when you’re talking steamed bun structure, some shapes just don’t work out well—as 7-Eleven Japan is finding out now, with these heart-shaped buns that were probably a better idea on paper.

711 heart shaped buns 1

As you can see, the heart shaped buns that bakery Nakamuraya provided to 7-Eleven Japan for sale look fine from above. But steamed buns are fluffy and round, not flat like cookies. Changing the angle makes all the difference in the world.

711 heart shaped buns 3

When you bake or steam dough, it changes shape. Sometimes those shapes become bigger and better looking, like fluffy, round loaves of bread. Steaming tends to make things droop a little at the end, because you aren’t forming a hard crust on the outside (like you would when baking) to help give the bun some structure. Keeping that soft texture results in a droopier end product.

To make matters worse—or more amazing, depending on how you look at it—these particular heart-shaped buns are filled with chocolate sauce.

711 heart shaped buns 2

These buns retail for ¥100 ($.85 US) apiece, according to RocketNews24. So for less than a dollar, you can chow down on a beautiful bun that’s shaped like some beautiful buns. These bootyful hearts haven’t been on sale for long, but so far, no one’s complaining.

For all we know, that alternate angle could drive up sales in some markets. File in the “butt bank” with this one:


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