From Oreo Churros to giant connect four games, Oreo’s branding game is on point right now. And it’s latest marketing bullseye is this pitch-perfect ad series for the limited edition Red Velvet flavor. The animated spots are actually Valentine’s Day ads, but they’re so non-alienating and uncheesy that you don’t notice.

The clips, which Adweek points out are in the style of 90s MTV cartoons, depict awkward, Oreo-induced flirtations between strangers that could have come straight out of Daria or Archer.

A lot of the spots show women making funny/creepy overtures to dudes who were just minding their business, such is the powerful aphrodisiac effect of the Red Velvet Oreo.

The smirk-producing cartoons were made by digital marketing agency 360i, who created a six in total. They’re being released daily on Oreo’s YouTube channel, which means you can watch them all on Valentine’s Day while eating a pack of Oreos—hopefully on your own so you can be like guy.

This one was just released.

If you are alone on Valentine’s Day and no-one’s around to judge you, we suggest you wash down these Red Velvet cookies with this Valentine’s Day Red Velvet beer.

Photo: Facebook/Oreo

Photo: Facebook/Oreo

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