If you’re not a parent, you may not be aware that breastfeeding can really mess with your nipples. We won’t go into detail here but let’s just say this is not an uncommon side-effect of nursing.
Luckily, new mom and blogger Kristen McConnell has a brilliant contraption to ease the discomfort of nursing. It came about because one week into breastfeeding her baby-ravaged boobs were too sore to touch anything—even fabric—which meant she was flashing pretty much 24/7.

I’ve been spending most of the time completely bare-breasted, usually in the company of both my husband and Ruby and also my doting mother. Which is actually only a bit awkward, but also cold and not quite comfortable, plus problematic for a variety of visitors.

That’s when Grandma came to the rescue. Grandmothers are useful when you have babies because they can provide support, advice, and empathy. They’ve been there. They know what it’s like when your cleavage turns into an automated feeding station capable of leaking in public, which would probably be embarrassing if you weren’t too tired to remember what dignity feels like.

This particular grandma came up with an innovative solution to the sensitivity issue: two styrofoam bowls and two yogurt cups.

Photo: /Soft Science Notes

Photos: Soft Science Notes

It might look like a kid’s craft project, but what you’re seeing here is an ingenious bra insert that provides ventilation and protection to sore nipples. Here’s what it looks like in action.

Photo: /Soft Science Notes

Turns out necessity is the mother of invention. Grandma needs to patent this DIY hack, which can provide relief to new mothers everywhere and double as a Halloween costume.


Photo: HalloweenCostumes.com

Is there anything that yogurt can’t do?