Any Angeleno can tell you: the taco truck is one of the only true communal spaces in the city, where people take the time to hang out and talk to one another.

For many, the taco truck is the defining symbol of L.A., and a way of life—which is why the folks behind LA Taco headed to Gus’ Lunch Box in Silver Lake to chat with people who love a good late night taco as well as a good confessional. They found a man and woman experiencing two very different kinds of #LuvTrouble.

One dude at the truck explains why he’s currently in the doghouse:

What happened was I came home with a blond hair on my head, you know what I mean. She wants to get a lie detector test, man…She straight sleeping in the guest room right now, man.

Another woman, whose boyfriend recently was unfaithful to her, makes her own confession:

“I’m not perfect, but I’m smart. I’ve never been caught. So I had to play it like, ‘Oh, I’ve never done anything. I’ll forgive you. Relationship is work. You’ve got to forgive and forget.”

Moral of the video: Your relationship with tacos is perfect and infallible. When your loved one isn’t there for you, tacos always are.

After all the relationship woes that come out in the video, it’s easy to forget about the taco truck itself. But Gus’ is hard to forget. Late-nighters can’t get enough of the truck’s mulitas and carne asada fries. Go check it out for yourself.

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