Leave it to Action Bronson to perfume a blunt by holding it over an Angus steak while it’s grilling.

“Sometimes you just gotta escape New York in the freezing weather and come out here to the beach,” says Bronsolini in the latest episode of his VICE series, Fuck, That’s Delicious, set in Los Angeles. BamBam is apparently trying to eat a little cleaner these days, because his moms is worried about his heart.


But that doesn’t stop the Queens-based rapper from hitting up Michael Voltaggio’s Ink to feast on some beef cheeks, or heading with The Alchemist and B-Real (of Cypress Hill) to Commerce institution Sergio’s Tacos.

About 7 minutes into the video, Bronson and The Alchemist get into an awesome disagreement about the meaning of rap, art, and fame. Do watch.

Listen to “Big League Chew,” the track Bronson laid down with crazy talented producer The Alchemist, below.

[via VICE]