Pro wrestlers take their diets seriously, and eat foods that help build lean muscle while keeping off extra body fat. As they say in the industry: eat clean, train dirty.

Complex News caught up with WWE Champion John Cena—the face of BodyChange, a 10-week weight-loss program—to learn how to make his peanut butter semifreddo. The semi-frozen dessert is a combination of peanut butter, almond milk, and egg whites.

Complex News’ Sean Evans asks Cena what to do if you keep falling off the band wagon, and find yourself eating late-night Taco Bell Crunchwraps over a trash can.

Cena says,

“People fall off the wagon because their diets are so strict that there’s no room for error. So when they fall off, it’s like: ‘Well, I’m already done, I might as well just call it quits.’ No, you can have a free day every week to just go at it.

So you don’t have to worry about it, man, do your crunch wraps over the garbage can and take some ridiculous selfie and let the world see it. Then tomorrow, wake up and say: ‘In six days, I can do it again.'”

Cena also divulges his go-to Chipotle order: all three meats, a small amount of black beans, double grilled onions, peppers, guac, and hot sauce. Might be tricky to emulate, given that there’s a carnitas shortage at Chipotle—but no worries, just order beef and chicken.

“Nine times out of ten, you can always find something good to eat,” says Cena.


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