A New York City man was potentially the most-pissed person in the country on Sunday when he brought home Umami Burger to his ailing daughter, only to find her order’s box had the words “trash like you” written on the side.

Greenwich Village resident Tom Borghesan discovered the phrase when his daughter Juliette, who’s recovering from pneumonia brought on by asthma, pointed it out to him. Juliette was midway through her meal when she initially saw it, and contemplated ditching the meal altogether. She probably should have.


Photo: Juliette Borghesan via DNAinfo

To make matters worse, DNAinfo reports that the unnamed worker from the Sixth Avenue location who wrote the message then contacted Borghesan to apologize (he’d since been fired) and to explain the true meaning behind the phrase: the box had been used as a trash receptacle all day.

Here’s how that container came to hold Juliette’s food:

“Then, when the eatery ran out of to-go boxes later in the day, a worker dumped the trash out of the box and used it for Juliette’s burger, the man said, according to Borghesan.

‘It’s a lot more severe now than just handwriting on a box,” said a furious Borghesan, who lives in Greenwich Village with his family. ‘You threatened the health of my daughter, who is presently very ill.'”

Umami Burger corporate seems to be distancing itself from its former employee. CEO Paul Clayton reached out to Borghesan and discredited the former employee’s account, while the company released an apologetic statement that called the writing, “[…] an obvious mistake.”

First We Feast reached out to Umami Burger for clarification about the phrase’s true meaning. A spokesperson for the burger chain said, “The writing on the box was an obvious mistake and was not intended for the customer. We’ve apologized to the customer and are dealing with the matter internally.”

[via DNAinfo]