Ramen is our spirit animal. That’s why we’re currently pouring one out for the thousands of packets of ramen that were compromised when a tractor-trailer carrying the Maruchan noodles wrecked near North Carolina Highway 4.


The North Carolina Highway Patrol tells ABC 11 that the tractor-trailer driver, Larry Scholting, nodded off at the wheel and crashed, causing the mess along southbound I-95 near Rocky Mount this morning.


“I thought I could make it down to the truck stops in Kenly, and I didn’t quite make it. I kind of drowsed off, and next thing I knew I had taken out the guard rail,” driver Larry Scholting told ABC11.

noodThe highway, which was closed for more than six hours, reopened just past 3:30 pm, reports WRAL.

This is a tragedy for instant ramen fans everywhere, and humanity at large.

chkn[via ABC 11, WRAL]