Today, we mourn the loss of a pop-culture icon: The in-flight magazine SkyMall has filed for bankruptcy, reports WSJ. These days, travelers “don’t have time” to look at the unnecessary-but-mind-blowing gadgets featured in the pages of SkyMall, because they are glued to their smartphones and iPads thanks to in-flight WiFi.

New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells makes a good point:

To commemorate the iconic magazine, we’ve rounded up the food, drink, and kitchenware products from SkyMall we will miss the most, and deeply regret not purchasing.

Wine Glass Holder Necklace ($24.95)

hands-free solution to never losing track of which glass is yours.


DACHSUND Toaster ($44.95)

Our toaster collection is currently comprised of a singular vagina toaster. This Dog Breed Toaster is a necessary addition.

NFL Wine Shoe Holder ($57.99)

For the foot fetishist sports fan who has absolutely no taste


Knuckle Meat Pounder ($13)

For the chef with anger problems that’s inside all of us.


Pierogi Christmas Tree Ornament ($9.95)

Because who doesn’t want to make their house feel like a Polish restaurant during the holidays? No one, so buy it here.


BamVino Wine Holder ($43.99)

Good question, Petey. Buy it here.

Baggy Rack ($10.98 for 2)

The Baggy Rack solves the challenge of pouring liquid into a limp plastic bag.