Reality TV struggle-celebrity Bethenny Frankel is evil. She wants to ruin your munchies by launching a line of “Skinnygirl Marijuana” in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, where recreational cannabis is legal.

Frankel’s super-lame weed will not give smokers the munchies, reports US Weekly. We repeat: Smoking Skinnygirl bud will not result in ordering a large pizza and going in on a pint of ice cream while chilling out and playing FIFA.

Frankel got her start on Real Housewives of New York, then got “famous” by launching a line of super-lame (and also hugely successful) low-calorie alcohol, which began with Skinnygirl Margaritas. According to the unnamed source, Frankel wants to hop into the weed business because she heard how profitable it can be.

The starlet sure is entrepreneurial. Who knows, maybe she’ll launch a line of gluten- and fat-free edibles next that take all the fun out of edibles!

Frankel hasn’t mentioned anything publicly about the weed, but she has tweeted about the legalization of marijuana.

[via US Weekly]