Severed boar heads were found outside not one but two meatless restaurants in Berkley, CA over the holiday weekend. The first was dumped near Herbivore restaurant near Haste Street on Monday morning.

SF Gate reports,

[pullquote]”Daniel Garcia, the manager of the nearby Herbivore restaurant, said the skinned animal had been perched on top of a newsstand across the street, still bloody and with bits of flesh attached.”[/pullquote]

The second skinned wild boar in question was spotted later that day by Anna Abramson. The dead abandoned animal was very near to vegetarian restaurant Flaco’s.

Police aren’t positive if these were two different boar heads, or the supposed vegetarian- and vegan-hating criminal simply moved the heads from one restaurant to the other.

Maybe the homeless men and women at People’s Park are lashing out? We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the story develops.

[via Grub Street]