Back in October, Riff Raff announced via Instagram that he was done with kokayne, pineapple Ciroc, and bailing on professional appearances. The new, improved Jody High Roller has a fresh life plan: reach his “Versace goal weight” of 240 pounds by the summer, quit rap, and become a WWE star.


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Looks like the Neon Icon is well on his way to achieving his dreams; he’s currently at 225 pounds thanks to a dedicated diet of Starbucks, seafood, pizza, and constant workouts. (Here are some Instagram highlights of his journey thus far.) One might say that he’s replaced coke and booze with caffeine and endorphins, but one would also be wary of drawing the wrath of his twin pythons.


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Munchies trailed his pink pigtails around San Francisco recently, and the resulting 15-minute clip above is an unflinching exposé of the rapper’s life right now. The best Easter egg hidden in this story? Riff Raff’s instructions for making the ultimate dipping: “The only way I can eat chicken breast is if I have a packet of Chick-Fil-A sauce, a KFC honey-mustard sauce, then you got your barbecue sauce from McDonald’s, and your sweet-and-sour sauce from McDonald’s—mix all of those together, and you’ve got yourself a helluva lot of dipping sauce.”

He also suggests drinking buttermilk-ranch sauce over ice. “Ranch punch,” he says. “You should try it some time.”

[via Munchies]