How do you attract a good-looking clientele? Some clubs use bouncers to filter out the undesirables, but a hot pot restaurant in Hunan province, China is actually offering free food to its comeliest customers. The restaurant is calling it a “pay by face” promotion, Shanghaiist reports, but we think it should really be called “hot pot or not?”.

Photo: ifeng/ Xinhua Henan

Here’s how it works: Customers interested in the promotion scan their faces at special stations. While they dine, a team of plastic surgeons evaluate and score their looks.

If you have one of the top five scores within a half hour period, you get a free meal, plus the personal validation that a group of strangers judged you to be more bangable than the quasimodos around you.

Photo: ifeng/ Xinhua Henan

As you see, the rules are really quite egalitarian. You don’t necessarily have to be a stunner to win, you just have to be easier on the eyes than the other customers that half-hour.

You could even improve your odds by dining with a group of your fugliest friends. On the other hand, if you live in Zhengzhou and your friend invites you for a meal at this restaurant, you should punch them in their well-formed face.

[via Shanghaiist]