If you’re not from Australia or New Zealand, you probably don’t “get” Vegemite, the super salty yeast spread that’s a staple of antipodean breakfasts. In fact, if you’ve ever tried it, you probably reacted a little like this:

But if you grew up with the stuff, you know that it’s totally delicious in the right context (British and New Zealand Marmite lovers know what I’m talking about). Vegemite and cheese on toast is one of the best hangover cures I know, and there’s a continent full of notoriously heavy drinkers that will back me up on that.

So I was pretty damn excited to find out Pizza Hut Australia is now putting Vegemite in their crusts. The Mitey Stuffed Crust has been launched in advance of Australia Day on January 26, which is sort of like the Australian Fourth of July except it marks the arrival of the British.

Photo: Pizza Hut

Mmmm yeast extract. (Photo: Pizza Hut)

The marketing leans heavily on the idea that only Aussies (pronounced Oz-zees, please take note) will be into this. To illustrate the point—and mess with tourists because that’s our kind of humour (with a u, please take note)—Pizza Hut released an ad in which a group of foreigners taste test the new crust. Check it out up top.

Aside from complaints that Pizza Hut Australia sources its cheese from the U.S. and therefore this isn’t such a patriotic pie after all, reception downunder seems to be positive overall.




Yep, we love beer so much that we turned the leftover yeast from the brewing process into a food and now we love that too. And you know what’s great for dessert after a Vegemite pizza? This.

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