Now that the best new restaurants and best new bars lists are done and dusted, it’s time to get to the more reflective part of year-end proceedings: Those special meals that struck a personal chord and lingered long after the last plate had been cleared.

We asked a host of First We Feast contributors to share their most memorable dining experiences with us, and they came through with some tales that made us cry a couple times, laugh a few more, but mostly just get really, really hungry. From a centuries-old British institution to a birria joint in Mexico City, these spots deserve a place on any eater’s bucket list—if you tend to travel with your stomach in mind, you’ll find plenty to dig into here.

Read through our list of standout meals in 2014, then share your own with us in the comments. Here’s to another great year of eating ahead.

Written by Chris Schonberger (@cschonberger), Alia Akkam (@aliaakkam), Nick Schonberger (@nschon), Foster Kamer (@weareyourfek), Erin Mosbaugh (@JayBlague), Scarlett Lindeman (@itsmescar), Regan Hofmann (@regan_hofmann), Justin Bolois (@JustinBolois), and Jonathan Cristaldi (@NobleRotNYC)