Now that McDonald’s french-fry method has been revealed, the burger franchise is set on decoding the next great mystery—eggs, or more specifically, if real ones are used in their products. As part of its ongoing video series, McDonald’s sent Mythbusters host Grant Imahara to a poultry ranch in Michigan to find answers.

We learn that there are two types: fresh-shell eggs, which are reserved for Egg McMuffins, and liquid eggs, used in other sammies like the McGriddle.

According to the plant manager, the eggs arrive to the factory from the hen house within 24 hours of being laid. He claims that if you were to touch one, it’d still be warm. But of course, Imhara can’t test this for himself—it would be a health violation. Point: McDonald’s.


Afterwards, they get washed with warm soapy water, rinsed, and receive further inspection to ensure cleanliness. Light is shown through the eggs to look for defects inside.

The eggs are then weighed to determine if they meet fresh-shell criteria. If too big or small, they’re sent to the ‘break room,’ where a mechanized contraption cracks the shells and collects the raw egg liquid.


To see people so gung-ho about eggs is an awkward sight to behold. Even stranger is the woman at the end of the segment who nervously accepts an employee’s offer to crack her own egg. “I’m not a very good cook.” C’mon, now. #basics


[via Business Insider]