“Would you like a side of yuca with your Big Mac?” is the question McDonald’s patrons are being asked in Venezuela’s more than 100 McDonald’s franchises.

McDonald’s in Venezuela has run out of potatoes, and the chain is offering yuca (or cassava) fries and arepas as a substitute. McDonald’s is blaming a contract dispute with west coast dock workers for halting the export of frozen fries to the country, reports the Associated Press. This same dispute caused a french fry shortage in Japan just last month.


Yuca fries. (Photo: Flickr)

Venezuelans are accustomed to shortages of their favorite foods (and toilet paper), and many assume the embattled socialist administration is to blame. “It’s because of the situation here; it’s a total debacle,” Maria Guerreiro told the Associate Press.

The news source reports that Guerreiro “huffed out of a Caracas McDonald’s with her family when she found out they were serving only fries made of yuca…Her daughter won’t eat that starchy root, she said, and they’d come for the sole purpose of treating the two-year-old to a Happy Meal.”

Looks like Guerreiro and her daughter will have to get reacquainted with decidedly Venezuelan menu options.

Meanwhile, Burger King posted this sly tweet, reminding Venezuelans that the rival chain was still serving potato fries.

(Rough) translation: “Something we can’t deny: delicious crunchy fries make the days better.

[via Associated Press]