Fact: When it comes to smacking down Internet trolls, Mario Batali is #KING.

Which brings us to Molto Mario’s most recent hater smackdown. An anonymous Internet troll sent Batali a barrage of emails early this morning.

The anonymous hater started off criticizing Batali’s 6 Ingredient Pasta, saying,

“Firstly, it’s a stupid idea…Secondly…I only have one of those ingredients in my fridge (What’s a Pantry?) Thirdly…I only needed to see the ingredients to know…this would be disgusting.”

He signed off with, “IRON CHEF….MY ASS!” 

In the follow up email, the hater proclaims that he is “pissed off” about the 6 Ingredient Pasta recipe showing up on his Facebook page. He writes, “I don’t want to rant, but whoever handles your public profile is an idiot.” Too bad Batali is the author of his own hilarious public profile on Twitter, where he shuts down haters like a true professional.

In his third and (presumably) final email, the anonymous Internet troll offers Batali recipe ideas that he thinks would impress haters everywhere. He writes,


Mmmmm… chocolate ravioli with port reduction!

Batali then silences the hater. Hate KOed by Love.

While responding to haters can be a bad look for some celebrities (see: Chris Brown), Batali is too smart to get sucked into petty squabbles. Instead, his retribution is always swift and appropriate to the situation—a gentle tap on the wrist to misguided souls, and a definitive smack upside the head to trolls who just need to be ethered (like this fool).

ethering[via Twitter]