Long before we hit Peak Mashup in the fast-food world, KFC set the pace with ridiculous, meat-on-meat creations like the infamousDouble Down sandwich.

With all the competition coming from the Waffle Tacos and Sriracha Pizzas of the world, it’s not surprising that the Colonel is looking to reprise its dominance with his latest hybrid edible: the Double Down Dog.

The Double Down Dog is simple, combining a hot dog with a bun-like piece of chicken and a squirt of mustard. Check the pictures below for both KFC’s #FoodPorn-y portrait, and a slightly more flaccid IRL version.

While it may seem wild and crazy, Chrissy Teigen points out that it’s actually a very practical meal:

Here’s the unfortunate catch: The Double Down Dog is available only at select stores in the Philippines (and, as KFC’s Facebook has just aanounced, currently sold-out. It’s also somewhat of a rarity on the island nation even when it is around, as participating franchises will only serve a relative handful, 50, per day.

No doubt it’ll reach our shores sooner or later. The Colonel wouldn’t play us like that.

[via Uproxx]