Funny man Kevin Hart swung by The Breakfast Club this morning. After talking about how to be a businessman, and his #nonewfriends strategy, Hart spoke about the time he spilled juice all over Jay Z and Beyonce at a club (skip to 22:00 to hear the story).


Hart was hosting a party in Houston for the 2013 NBA All-Star weekend, when he heard Jay and Bey were there. Hart went to go say hi to the couple, then shit—well, more like pineapple juice—hit the fan. Hart tells the story:

“Him and Bey come by, and I’m at the table. I’m on one… I go to reach for something, and I knocked over the whole thing of pineapple juice on Jay. It literally fell, it’s just spillin’ and I’m looking at it, and he was like, ‘Yo are you serious right now?’ And I’m like, ‘What you want me to do? Ain’t nothing I can do now. It’s gone, it’s happenin.’

As I’m talking to him, Bey just stuck her head—she was behind him, but I couldn’t see her—she was like, ‘What’s all this on my leg!” And Jay was like, ‘Yo you got it on my wife, man.’ I was like ‘Yo, here’—I pulled out $20 and I just gave it to him in his hand. I swear to god—I gave him $20 and was like, ‘Yo just take care of whatever.’

Then Hart left the club and never went back.0004sp5q

Watch the whole video above to hear the story (and watch it because Kevin Hart is hilarious). His new movie, The Wedding Ringer, is out in theaters today.

[via XXL, The Breakfast Club]