While nudity is very cleared banned on Instagram (R.I.P. Rihanna boob pics), it often seems like anything else goes on the photo-sharing platform. From world-famous butts to the rise of the so-called “thirst trap,” IG has basically evolved into the Skinemax of social media, where lustiness is allowed to run rampant as long as it adheres to some basic rules of conduct.

Apparently, highlighting the outline of your junk in grey sweatpants—a favorite pastime of lacrosse bros in college—took things a little too far in the eyes of the Instagram overlords. That is, in essence, the foundation of the #EggplantFriday hashtag, a (ahem) growing trend in which men would post suggestive crotch shots that left little to the imagination.

In case you’ve been under a rock in some paradise where not everything on the Internet is a euphemism, the eggplant emoji is pretty much synonymous with dongs at this point. As TMZ reported last week, Instagram decided to put an end to the hashtag due to its graphic nature, but not before a few famous johnsons got their moment in the sun. Here’s B.o.B’s decidedly meta contribution to the genre:



Needless to say, this news has been a major blow to some folks who were enjoying what they saw:






But all is not lost for fans of junk shots and ripped abdominals. As TMZ so brilliantly put it, “You’ll now have to Twitter if you want to see pictures of giant, nearly naked wangs.” Looks like the thirst shall prevail:



[via Foodbeast]