Everyone knows the best part of traveling is trying new foods in their natural habitat. Going back to the source is exciting, because you know that eating pizza in Naples is going to be a completely different experience from running out and getting a slice on your lunch break. Learn from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mistakes: eat pizza like the people around you are eating pizza, and you’ll be right every time, no matter where you are.

Since your first priority when you arrive at an international location is sussing out a great meal, The Co-operative Travel put together this great visual guide to eating etiquette abroad. It covers a handful of important national food etiquette rules, from mastering escargot in France to properly eating spaghetti in Italy. Learn the techniques and look like an experienced traveler (and eater) every time.

And always remember: slurp your ramen, not your spaghetti.

eating etiquette abroad

[via The Co-operative Travel, Digg]

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