The food world is always hungry for something new, ain’t it? We quickly beeline for the latest cod-sperm dish, and just as easily spurn former interests with complete disgust (we don’t, in fact, need an egg on everything).  2014 marked the year of the Frankenstein food mashup, bringing to life monstrous creations like mac-and-cheese bread cones that became instant Instagram classics. So what’s in store for 2015? A French luxury item is making a comeback, while a new hybrid vegetable is sure to please throngs of Silverlake hipsters. To keep you abreast of what’s to come (or, depending how you look at it, what to avoid), we’ve pinpointed the burgeoning trends that will be dominating your IG feed in the year to come. Hypebeasts: Let’s dig in.

1. Uni and guacamole is the new truffle mac and cheese


The situation: Mooks love glamorizing low-down comfort food like mac and cheese with a sprinkle of Italian luxury; it’s the easiest way to feign foodie cred. The velvety sea urchin and guacamole high-low combo gives these same people even more ammo to pretend they’re living the high life, while not straying too far from what they know. (Photo: Yelp)

Seen at: Petty Cash Taqueria

2. Kalette is the new kale


The situation: What was worse than seeing roasted brussels sprouts at every restaurant? How about kale in every salad? Now farmers have combined forces to create the greatest evil of them all: kalette, a hybrid veggie featuring the leafy parts of kale and the stalk of sprouts. The only thing worse than a stalk of kale is ten mini ones. (Photo:

Seen at: Eataly

3. Flat white is the new cappuccino


The situation: America’s baristas are finally catering to the needs of Australians and their notoriously snobby coffee culture. Starbucks—not exactly the first port of call for coffee-obsessed antipodeans—is now offering the beloved “flat white,”  which, depending on whom you ask, is milk poured over a ristretto shot, with a thin layer of microfoam on top. Others think it’s merely the same as an American cappuccino. We’ll see how the battle unfolds as the year progresses. (Photo: Starbucks U.K.)

Seen at: Starbucks

4. Tipping the kitchen is the new tipping the server


The situation: You’ve experienced it countless times: an otherwise perfect meal, marred by shitty table service. Thanks to Zach Pollack of Alimento, a gratuity line for back-of-house staff has been added to checks. This will allow diners to reward those hardworking people busting their balls in the kitchen. It’s a forward thinking idea, and people are buying into it. We’re already anticipating 2016: Backlash of the Server. (Photo: LA Magazine)

Seen at: Alimento

5. Boulevardiers are the new Negronis


The situation: Please, don’t call it a whiskey Negroni—the Boulevardier cocktail (American bourbon, sweet vermouth, and Campari) actually predates the Negroni. After reentering the scene via top-tier cocktail dens, the bitter, aromatic, bourbon-heavy classic is now reaching critical mass at bars across the country. Mark our word: a classic cocktail lounge called “The Boulevardier” is going to open in Prospect Heights or Carroll Gardens, like, tomorrow. (Photo:

Seen at: Hudson Malone

6. Selfie with the chef is the new overhead table shot


The situation: With everyone and their grandmother snapping photos of elaborate charcuterie spreads, there’s more reason than ever before to step up your Instagram game. The next logical step is to capture a moment with the real star of the show: the chef. Expect to see lots of forced smiles and awkward poses on your feed. (Photo: Twitter/@yvacher)

Seen at: Trois Mec

7. Foie gras is the new foie gras, again


The situation: With the coveted duck/goose liver no longer banned in California, high-end kitchens have gleefully announced plans to serve it (legally) again, restoring its status as the go-to luxury item of haute cooking (nice knowing ya, truffle butter). The fight to legalize it was a long and hard one. Hell, one chef even received death threats. So when it comes to foie gras, one thing is certain: “Till death do us part.” (Photo:

Seen at: Alma

8. Stem-to-Root is the new Nose-To-Tail


The situation: We’ve seen vegetables treated like proteins, especially when it comes to roasting an entire “meaty” cauliflower head. Offal and other odd meat parts became popular in restaurants, and the very same will happen with vegetables. According to LA Magazine, chefs like Michael Fiorelli are sautéing cauliflower leaves, the things typically thrown away or thought of as waste. Who knew that fennel and carrot tops would reach such great heights? (Photo:

Seen at: Love & Salt

9. Fast food chains are the new guardians of health


The situation: In a groundbreaking move, Pizza Hut is releasing a certified gluten-free pizza, making it the first major pizza chain to appeal to health nuts and uptight moms (and celiacs, of course). If the gambit is successful, watch out for frightening copycat creations from Taco Bell, Burger King, and the rest of the gang. Things could get ugly, real fast. (Photo:

Seen at: Pizza Hut

10. Old-school Chinese noodles are the new ramen


The situation: New York’s ramen guru David Chang announced the death of ramen. Soba and udon already made the rounds, so what noodle creations can we expect next from chefs? Eater critic Robert Sietsema tells us he thinks a return to the ramen’s origins, lo mein, will set the stage for 2015. “Chinese will become the new Japanese.” (Photo:

Seen at: Mission Chinese? Time will tell…

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