Watching people eat can alternate between amusing and disgusting, but watching hamsters eat is almost always both entertaining and adorable. From tiny burritos to tiny pizza to tiny Thanksgiving dinner, hamsters really go hard at the table—even noted hot-dog-eating champion Kobayashi wanted to challenge a hamster to an eating contest.

But while we all know that hamsters can stuff a ridiculous amount of food in their cheek pouches, we never knew how ridiculous that amount was until we saw this video that the BBC shot for a new show called Pets: Wild at Heart.

hamster pouches 2

To make what you’re watching absolutely clear, here’s the x-ray video footage of this little guy as he’s storing that huge bowl of food for later.

hamster pouches

For his size, he has quite an unfair advantage when it comes to competitive eating: His little food storage pouches go all the way back to his hips! As the video voiceover (narrated by famed UK actor David Tennant) reveals, hamsters also don’t use saliva when they’re packing their food away in their pouches. Really, those pouches are more like furry pockets that happen to be connected to their mouths.

hamster carrying

It also turns out that sometimes, just like humans, hamsters try to carry too much food at once. Sometimes, the #foodstruggle is just getting it from the kitchen to where you plan to eat it.

[via Design Taxi, YouTube/BBC]

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