Last year, Martha Stewart revealed herself as a weed-smoking #struggleplate queen, a far cry from the straight-laced domestic puritan we knew growing up.

As a society, we can’t get enough of witnessing public figures unravel and shed their seemingly “perfect” persona. Anyone remember Amanda Bynes?

Which is why we derived great pleasure from watching this Late Night with Seth Meyers episode starring Stewart. The domestic goddess dropped by the show to teach Meyers about juicing. Instead, Queen Martha floods the table with juice after being mad condescending to Meyers about his juicing technique, and telling him to crack a dirty joke about cucumbers.

So yes: Martha Stewart—the woman who would have once slapped your wrist for improperly laid flatware—has now publicly failed at making green juice on TV (and our love for her grows deeper because of it).

Watch the messy Late Night with Queen Martha video below.

[via YouTube/Late Night with Seth Meyers]

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