If you tuned out of the Golden Globes two weekends ago, you may have missed McDonald’s tearjerker of a clip that aired during the awards ceremony as well as Sunday’s NFL games.

The “Signs” ad elicited mixed reactions, tugging at some heartstrings and inflaming a few tempers.



But perhaps the best response has come from Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern, which posted a response video a few days later on Facebook. The Dallas restaurant’s parody uses the same music as the McDonald’s ad (a cover of Fun’s “Carry On”) but instead of heartfelt signs like “Welcome Home 442nd Fighter Wing” it’s got Beastie Boys and Digital Underground lyrics writ large and a whole lot of pop culture referencing sexual innuendo.

The clip doesn’t just lampoon the golden arches. It also takes aim at Papa Murphy’s, where an employee rubbed his junk on a pizza, and Papa John’s lawsuit-baiting “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” slogan. Watch the one-minute spot below and have Urban Dictionary at the ready because we’re not explaining “sleeve of wizard” to you.

[via Adweek]