At this point it’s almost a universally accepted fact that the best flavor of Cheetos isn’t its O.G. cheese offering but its “Flamin’ Hot” variant, and we’ll go to the grave fighting anyone who disagrees.

In any case, the 67-year-old snack brand knows it needs to expand its profile outside the flavor that made it famous, even if it already has its popular spicy versions. It thinks it has the solution: a sweet puff named, no joke, “Sweetos,” which will taste like cinnamon and sugar and be available in late-February.

USA TODAY goes onto explain in further detail why Cheetos is pivoting its business towards unconventional flavors:

[pullquote]For the snack giant, it’s about latching on to two converging consumer trends—a jump in “sweet” snacking, particularly by Millennials; and a growing interest by consumers in special holiday offerings from familiar brands.


“Consumers are seeking more novelty and the snack makers know it,” says Tom Vierhile, innovation insights editor at DataMonitor Consumer, a consumer research specialty. This is particularly true with Millennials, he says, with the next generation of snackers more open to unconventional snacks—and unconventional snacking occasions.[/pullquote]

Technically, Sweetos isn’t Cheetos’ first foray into sweeter territory. The company tried Pepsi- and Mountain Dew-flavored versions in Japan over the past couple of years. The former tasted spot-on next to its liquid namesake and the latter reminded eaters of “sweet lemon lime chips,” apparently.

Unlike those other two offerings, Sweetos will definitely be available in the States and offered for more than just a limited time.

“This is not a short-term strategy,” Jeff Klein, vice president of brand marketing for Frito-Lay North America, tells USA TODAY. “We are looking for growth outside of the cheese puff segment.”

A 7-ounce bag will cost $3.49 when the product releases.


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