The Super Bowl’s a little over a week away, which means that the competition is underway for advertisers to create the most talked-about moment of the night. As is now the standard, some TV spots are now airing online before the game itself to try to capitalize on viral sharing.

To wit: Fast-food giant Carl’s Jr. dropped a full-length version of the spot it plans to run during the game. Not surprisingly, it’s oriented squarely at the F*CK YEAH! SPORTS, BRO contingent, but it also plays on the usual model-eats-burger formula by adding a healthy dose of innuendo to farmers-market shopping.

The clip, which you can see above, features model Charlotte McKinney striding sensually through a crowd of gawking, baguette-hoarding men to let us know that in 2015, guys are still horndogs—but they like heirloom tomatoes and small-batch baked goods, as well.

The punchline is that McKinney doesn’t give a s**t about fruits and veggies—she’s just hunting down a Carl’s Jr. All-Natural Burger. “I love going all-natural,” she says. “It just makes me feel better. Nothing between me and my 100 percent, all-natural, juicy, grass-fed beef.”

Better than her double-entendre is the overt sexualization of produce throughout:

Carl's 1
Carl's 2
Carl's 3

TMZ tracked down McKinney to get her true thoughts on the product she was shilling. Apparently, she digs it, but take that with a huge grain of artisan salt.

The spot will air on Super Bowl Sunday in the western states where Carl’s Jr. has locations (sorry, East Coast viewers)—assuming it isn’t banned like Kate Upton’s for the 2012 game.

[via TODAY]