Filling your room with the scent of lavender or patchouli is pretty basic. Why make your bedroom smell like flowers, when you can make it smell like brisket or hoppy IPA?

From a White Castle-scented candle to one that smells like whiskey, these 10 candles smell like your favorite food and drinks. Buy them now, for yourself or for a loved one.

Brisket Candle

candles brisket
The smoky, peppery aroma of brisket is something we dream about on the reg. Florida’s 4 Rivers Smokehouse made this brisket candle to keep your mouth watering even when you can’t actually be stuffing yourself with real barbecue. It comes in a glass votive holder with decorative box and wrap for $16.95. (Photo: 4 Rivers Smokehouse)

Beer Candle


Sometimes, nothing smells better than the citrusy aroma of a hopped IPA.This brew candle comes in three scents—apricot wheat, hoppy IPA, and vanilla porter—so you can at least pretend you’re drinking a pint the moment you wake up. Buy it on Amazon for $19.99. (Photo: Amazon)

NY-Style Pizza Candle

candles NYC pizza
ManCans designs candles that “appeal to men”—but we’d argue being obsessed with pizza and bacon is a gender-neutral thing. The NYC Pizza candle smells like “tomato, basil, and oven baked crust,” which is what we think the world should smell like 24/7. The candle is made from a soup can, and the actual contents of the can are donated to a soup kitchen before the candle is made. The pizza candle can be yours for $9.50 through ManCans’ online store. (Photo: ManCans)

Schnitzel Candle
candles schnitzel

We thought this was a cruel joke, but it isn’t. It seems you can buy the fried cutlet-and-noodle candle on Amazon, albeit through a third-party seller. We don’t know who’s going to pay $30 (plus $6 shipping), but if they’re out there, we’d like to meet them. (Photo: Amazon)

KFC Fried Chicken Candle

candles kfc

Whether you think candle maker Kathy Werking is a total genius or just seriously disturbed, one thing’s for sure: so many people have bought the Kentucky Fried Chicken candle—which, we might add, is made by frying actual chicken with soy candle wax—that it’s completely sold out. So you can’t buy one right now, but perhaps she’ll restock in the future. The inclusion of chicken grease and “an infusion of family secrets” makes this the realest candle we have on this list. Who says fat is just for cooking? (Photo: Kentucky for Kentucky)

White Castle Slider Candle

candles white castle slider
All we can say about this White Castle Slider candle is: be careful if you or a house guest tries to eat the candle while it’s still burning. It’s currently out of stock, but it’ll set you back $11.99 when it’s available. (Photo: Perpetual Kid)

BLT Candle

candles BLT
Aunt Sadie’s BLT-scented candles are meant to be burned together to give you that full bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich scent. The set of three candles is $45. (Photo: Aunt Sadie’s)

Burrito Candle

candles burrito
Stinky Candles’ mission is to make candles with bizarre scents that aren’t offered at your local shopping mall. Unfortunately, if the single review for the Burrito candle is to be believed, this candle actually smells nothing like a burrito. What a bust. If you still want one, it’s $9.99 on the Stinky Candles site. (Photo: Stinky Candles)

Whiskey Candle

candles whiskey
We’ll let the promotional blurb on the Hotwicks site say everything you need to know about the Whiskey Candle: “It’s so strong it would throw a bar stool at you if it had arms.” For $12.95, it’s yours. (Photo: Hotwicks)

Reese’s Cookies Candle

candles reeses
Anyone who says they don’t want their home to smell like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is either a) allergic to peanut butter, or b) allergic to fun. $9.99 from Candlemart. (Photo: Candlemart)

Bacon Candle

candles bacon
Of all the candles on this list, we imagine this is probably the one you’d most like to have in your home. It’s currently on backorder, but you can pay $9.99 if you want to get on the list. (Photo: Stinky Candles)