Sales at casual sit-down chains—ones with modestly clad, co-ed servers like Olive Garden and TGI Friday’s—are nothing but struggle.

Meanwhile, sales at breastaurant chains have grown at a double-digit pace over the last year, according to projections from Technomic, a food market research firm.


While you probably already have an idea why breastaurants are popular, Kristen Colby, senior director of marketing at Twin Peaks, explains further. She tells HuffPo“Men are simple creatures and so you don’t have to get too crazy to get them in the door.”

She explains that all it takes is an ice cold beer, sports on TV, and girls with big…smiles.

Different breastaurant chains have different strategies to lure in customers. At the Titled Kilt, waitresses wear sexy Celtic-inspired uniforms of short plaid skirts and skimpy white shirts (visual below).

Company founder Mark DiMartino thought of the super-original costumes, which are influenced by the Catholic schoolgirl look, according to Ron Lynch, the company’s president. He tells HuffPo, “All of us guys had a crush on a cute girl in school and obviously [DiMartino] had crushes on the cute girls with plaid skirts.” The equation is simple.


 Photo: Tilted Kilt

Hooters’ newer competitors—Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks, Brick House—are doing even better than the O.G. breastaurant chain. “The nation’s top three ‘breastaurant’ chains behind Hooters each had sales growth of 30 percent or more last year,” according to The Associated Press.

HuffPo says this is thanks in large part to the struggles of other casual dining chains. Darren Tristano, an executive vice president at Technomic, explains,

“As restaurants like Bennigan’s and Ruby Tuesday abandoned their locations during the recession, Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks and others snapped them up, revamped the spaces and opened sports bar-themed eateries with pretty servers.”

Whether you see breastaurants as anti-feminist, a hotbed of sexual harassment, or a perfect place to eat wings with your bros after work, they can’t be ignored.

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