Real Madrid and Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo is officially the world’s best soccer player for the second straight year. Ronaldo, who won the 2014 Ballon d’Or on Monday night, takes his diet very seriously, according to BBC sports.

While at Manchester United, the Portugal forward employed a personal chef to ensure he ate all the right foods. What are the “right foods”? The footie icon eats “lots of fish“—including swordfish, sea bass, and bream. 

The oils in the fish—namely, omega 3 fatty acids—help to improve the production of protein, which enhances physical performance and increases muscle growth. (But we suspect Ronaldo’s diet may be more about keeping his washboard abs than enhancing his on-field performance.)

Does the soccer star occasionally slip? Of course. Take a look at pictures of Ronaldo eating a sandwich and a muffin, to make yourself feel better.



The very first winner of the Ballon d’OrSir Stanley Matthews of Stoke and Blackpool, had his own regimented eating habits. Matthews only drank carrot juice on Thursdays, fasted on Mondays, and ate the same thing every single day. What was his secret meal plan? Carrot juice at lunch-time and steak with salad for dinner.

[via BBC]

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