There are many reasons to love Bob’s Burgers, not least of which is the ever-entertaining cast of daily-special burgers that appear on the show. One enterprising Tumblr user even documents every single one with a screencap as the episode airs.

bobs burgers cheeses is born
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But no one has taken his Bob’s Burgers love further than Cole Bowden, creator of the brilliant site The Bob’s Burger Experiment. Bowden’s premise is simple: He dreams up recipes for each of the Bob’s Burgers burgers of the day, then takes beautiful photographs and posts them and the recipes on his site. As NPR’s The Salt reports, all that brilliance is now paying off: Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard is teaming up with Cole Bowden to put out an official Bob’s Burgers cookbook.

It turns out that both Bouchard and Bowden are fans of each other; Bouchard has been following Bowden’s blog since it started about two years ago. But as he told The Salt, he didn’t want to get involved at first, because he didn’t want to freak Bowden out and ruin his creative process. “It’s like the Prime Directive [the rule from Star Trek disallowing anyone from messing with alien civilizations]. I didn’t want to interfere.”

Then one day, Bowden reached out to Bouchard, asking if he could know in advance what each burger of the day was going to be. That way, he said, he could come up with a recipe and post it immediately after each new episode aired. Bouchard didn’t just send Bowden names; he sent him screen shots. In retrospect, it seems like a cookbook collaboration was only a matter of time.

Here are just a few of the bovine creations that Bowden has come up with, based on Bouchard’s names:

Chile Relleno You Didn’t Burger

bobs burgers chile relleno you didnt

The Sound and the Curry Burger

bobs burgers sound and the curry burger

The Human Polenta-Pede Burger

bobs burgers human polentapede

Every Breath You Tikka Masala Burger

bobs burgers every breath you tikka masala

We don’t get excited about every cookbook, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to this one.

[via The Salt, The Bob’s Burger Experiment]

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