In this week’s episode of Lucas Moving Bros. Company, an FXX animated series brought to you by comedians Keith and Kenny Lucas, we witnessed the role Action Bronson was born to play: a neighborhood taco kingpin.

Dressed in an open-collared, pink taco-patterned robe (innuendo, anyone?)—and flanked by two bikini-clad, shot-gun wielding taco babes—Bronson’s character confronts the Lucas brothers about a turf dispute when he hears they’ve been “slangin’ them good burgers” on his corner. “I MUST EAT,” yells an irate Bronson in the back of his mobile operation, Uncle Taco.

The idea of Bronson on the streets, lording over the food-truck scene, isn’t such a far-fetched idea. But wait until you hear this: In the same episode, Questlove supplies the voice-over for none other than…Ja Rule. In an Instagram post, he described the opportunity as a “dream come true.” We absolutely feel ya, ?uestlove.

[via XXL]