We love a good kitchen hack, whether it’s a pro tip you can use at home, or sad desk lunch avoidance techniques. So we’re definitely fans of this comprehensive infographic from U.K. store Kit Stone that collects 50 hacks into one illustrated guide.

hack4 hack5

Granted, not all of them are essential reading (did you really need someone to tell you that your cheese grater also works on non-cheese items like nutmeg?). But many of them are pretty damn useful.

hack2 hack3

Although if you’re looking for less practical and more amusing hacks, we suggest you check out the trusty old /r/foodhacks subreddit for banana-gun instructional videos and Valentine’s Day bacon bouquets tutorials.

hack1 hack6

Check out the infographic in its entirety below, or on the visual.ly website. And since you’re now a kitchen master, you can graduate to pimping out your Super Bowl spread with DJ Paul.

50 Culinary Hacks to Make You a Kitchen Master